Marching On Together for One Hundred Years!

Onyx has created a selection of Leeds united Crest’s that honours our history, inspire’s our future and represent the cities strong cultural values!

The Idea’s Behind Our Crest Designs.

The Yorkshire Rose

One of the most iconic symbols of our country, the Yorkshire Rose has long been our most prided identifier.

The Peacock

A known nickname and identifier for LUFC due to Elland Road ground being situated between The Old Peacock pub and The New Peacock Pub.

The Smiley

One of our strongest and most recognisable Icon’s, the LU smiley has been treasured from the day of its creation during the 70’s.

1919 - 2019

Its been a century since our great cities football team was founded and we are proud to celebrate that.

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and more reasoning behind our ideas…

A Crest That We Could Be Proud To Be Seen With!

Whether its a Shirt, Bag, Coach or Tattoo… The new crest design of choice will be the most iconic emblem of the city for the next 100 years, we want to ensure its one to be proud of.

Our cards are now laid on the table!

Your vote in the 2018 Leeds United Crest campaign will be one of the most important choices of the modern clubs history, this is your chance to influence your clubs identity… We hope we get your vote!

Great design can create everlasting memories!

We really believe in the power of great design, be it a logo or full company branding, the image we portray to the rest of the world will stick with us into history.. Help up give Leeds United the powerful image it deserves with your vote.

We Are Counting On Your Vote!

Thank you very much for taking your time to review out designs, we have loved the job of cleaning up everyone’s jumbled ideas into some really unique creation’s and should we make it to the final selection we would love your vote of support.

Please Vote For Our Designs

Together We Can Make A Change!

We Created These Designs For The Fan’s And We Would love your Support!
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Our Initial Design Stat’s

From the initial two design’s, we created a real social media stir, which lead us to think about the real importance and pride behind our cities identity.

Our 21 Crest Designs


  • The Calvert Crest
  • The Billy Crest
  • The Tasha Crest
  • The Darren Crest
  • The Huddart Crest
  • The Georgia Crest
  • The Kristian Crest
  • The Stevie Crest
  • The Oscar Crest
  • The Hall Crest
  • The Brooke Crest
  • The Primos Crest
  • The Clare Crest
  • The Bondy Crest
  • The Simmo Crest
  • The Arnett Crest
  • The Shorty Crest
  • The Gunter Crest
  • The Tidmarsh Crest
  • The Bozzo Crest
  • The Papa Crest

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Designed By: Onyx Agency.
Crest Imagery © Copyright 2018 Leeds United, All Rights Reserved .

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