Marching On Together For 100 Years!


Leeds United Crest Concepts

Below are 21 designs by Kyle Blythe-White for the Leeds United Centenarian Crest submission process, all the crest designs on this website have been formally submitted to Leeds United and are now the legal intellectual property of Leeds United.

The purpose of this website is to simply showcase the designs and outline the personal reasoning behind taking on the project to create a new Leeds United Crest.

  • The Calvert Crest
  • The Billy Crest
  • The Tasha Crest
  • The Darren Crest
  • The Huddart Crest
  • The Georgia Crest
  • The Kristian Crest
  • The Stevie Crest
  • The Oscar Crest
  • The Hall Crest
  • The Brooke Crest
  • The Primos Crest
  • The Clare Crest
  • The Bondy Crest
  • The Simmo Crest
  • The Arnett Crest
  • The Shorty Crest
  • The Gunter Crest
  • The Tidmarsh Crest
  • The Bozzo Crest
  • The Papa Crest

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Supporting our crest designs!

“Side Before Self,
Every Time”

– Billy Bremner

From the second Onyx Agency saw the public backlash surrounding the Leeds United Salute Crest, we knew that we had to step up for our cities supporters and create alternative options that we knew you could be proud of today, tomorrow and into the history books!

Crests that you would be proud to wear!

The people of Leeds have always been very proud of everything that we have to offer, be it sport or talent. So we think that its only right that we have a football crest that the whole city wants to also sing and dance about.

Crests that truly represented our city!

No matter what your profession, ethnicity, age or background is… we are Leeds and we are proud and we are united as one when it comes to our cities sports teams.

So iconic that we hit worldwide news!

The “Salute crest” released by Leeds United picked up international press coverage for its feedback from fans, which shows the rest of the world just how passionate we are about football and our team.

Lets finish what we started, united as one.

They heard our call and dismissed the Salute Crest, but it is now time to come together and pick an alternative, we hope we can count on your support during this selection process.

Leeds united is incredibly important to us, our family history is embedded within it!

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The Reason We Did This!
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The Key elements supporters wanted!


Supporters said they wanted a crest that really honoured the history of Leeds United & our city.


You told us through social media feedback that you wanted a crest that was bold & impacting.


It was important to supporters that the crest design was respectful of our views & values.


You wanted a crest design that was unique, something that set our great city apart from the rest.


Supporters said they felt more creativity was needed within the process of the crests creation.


But most of all, supporters wanted a crest that they could be proud of now and in the years to come.


Our Initial Design Stat’s

From the initial two designs, we created a real social media stir, which lead us to think about the real importance and pride behind our cities identity.

Our designs have featured on:

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